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Polotovary a díly z technických plastů Polyplasty

P600D Plastic manhole cover (without ventilation), dampening pad, T lock

P600D Rovasco ventilated plastic manhole covers with dampening pad and T lock are for sewer manholes in roadways and parking areas accessible to all types of road vehicles.
PolyPLASTY plastic manhole cover

P600D plastic manhole cover advantages:

  • easy installation into cast iron or Be-Gu frames
  • easy to handle because of its low weight
  • Rovasco material cannot be sold at a secondary raw materials collection yard
  • low noise level when a vehicle passes over the grid

P600D plastic cover properties :

Dimensions:  diameter 680 mm
   embedding 50 mm
Weight:  25 kg
Load class: D400 minimum load 40t
Product code: VV08582


  • Concrete-cast iron frame (Load class: D400, Product code: VZ06535)
  • T lock key (Product code: VZ06730)

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