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Semi-products and parts made of engineering plastics Polyplasty

Producing and processing engineering plastics

PolyPLASTY has a long tradition of processing and  developing Polyamide and Polyurethane products. The production of Alkaline Polyamide was launched in 1963 and the production of cast polyurethane elastomersstarted in 1965. As well as these materials, the company is successfully developing other fields of processing polyurethanes (integral, soft, insulating foam) and producing parts of Carbon and composite materialsin its subsidiaries Carbon Design.

We develop new materials and products

The company specializes not only in production but also in developing new materials and products. Examples include the following materials:

Highly-developed quality and  environmental protection system

PolyPLASTY s.r.o. provides quality and  stability of supplies to meet our tradition of production and  our customers’ needs while continuously developing products and services as an absolute necessity. Therefore, the company has set up a quality management system according to the quality system ISO 9001. At the same time, the company is aware of its ecological obligations as confirmed by our ISO 14001certificate .
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