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ideal material for plastic manhole covers and sewer grates for street and mountain gullies
The entire road network drainage product range is named after the Rovasco material. We use Rovasco to produce plastic covers for street and   mountain gullies, manhole covers and  sewer grates. They are plastic monoliths without metal or other reinforcement, designed for standard iron or concrete-iron frames.

ROVASCO – material with excellent properties:

  • high strength
  • toughness
  • abrasion resistance
  • stability of mechanical properties at temperatures from -30 °C up to + 120 °C
  • resistance to chemicals, water, petroleum products, salt, weather conditions, etc.
All ROVASCO products are certified by the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague, acc. to CSN EN 124, and are for incorporation into roads, hard shoulders and parking areas that are accessible to all types of road vehicles
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