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Semi-products and parts made of engineering plastics Polyplasty


amorphous, extremely rigid, transparent thermoplastic
Polycarbonate (PC)  combines many of the best properties of metals, glass, and plastics , such as:
  • impact strentgh
  • transparency
  • stiffness
  • dimensional stability and distortion temperature (up to 120 °C)
It has good electrical insulation properties (not dependent on moisture content and ambient temperature), it is tasteless and odorless, it is flame retardant and physiologically harmless.
Polycarbonate (PC) can bewelded and glued during other processing .

Use of Polycarbonate:

  • visors
  • cases of pipeline mail
  • sleeve tubes
  • computer covers
  • safety glass
  • templates for labelling
  • parts of sewing machines and kitchen appliances, etc.